We Buy Cars and Give You Fair Trade Value for Your Vehicle



Valley Buick GMC & RV needs your vehicle, and whether you are trading in a car or selling it to us outright, we will offer you a great price.

How do we assess the value of a car?


If you are trading in your vehicle, we will value your trade at the highest possible price. We value a car based on a few key factors. Exterior and interior condition, a mechanical test/check, CarFax report, and asking about relevant service history. The main focus is for us to give a fair evaluation that will benefit both you and Valley Buick GMC & RV.

Step 2: 

After we do our visual inspections of the exterior and interior, including tires and brakes, one of our specially trained personnel members will take your car for a quick test drive to understand its overall mechanical and driving conditions. We may take it to our service center to have them put it on a lift to inspect the underneath thoroughly. 

What should I bring with me?

Make sure you bring all sets of keys you have and any accessories or extra items you would like to offer for sale or trade with your car, such as a bike rack or maybe unique rubber floor mats. 

If you have any records of service performed on your car, please bring them with you. If you have serviced your vehicle elsewhere, you can request a printout from that service center to bring with you. This will help our vehicle assessor know if routine scheduled maintenance has been kept up and if any details of other items have been replaced or repaired. 

What if I don’t want to buy a car and want to sell Valley Buick GMC & RV my car?

If you are only interested in selling your car outright and not trading for one of our vehicles, that is fine. We will happily inspect your car and determine the value we would be willing to pay you.

No matter what, we want you to be happy with the value we have accessed your vehicle, and we need your vehicle for other customers looking for cars like yours. 

At Valley Buick GMC & RV, we are happy to offer special discounts and take great pride in offering the best sales and service possible. With dozens of new and used vehicles available, our incredible sales team and finance department can help you find the best car for you and your family. And our fantastic service department will work hard to maintain your vehicle to the highest standards.

We look forward to serving you.